DJ Melodies

DJ Melodies Keep Moving TV-Y

Get moving with Mickey and the Clubhouse Gang!

Happy Holidays Melodies

Happy Holidays Locked 01:30 DJ Melodies Happy Holidays Happy Holidays from Disney Junior! Clip

Kion's Melodies

My Own Way 02:17 The Lion Guard My Own Way Fuli always does things her own way! Clip
Beautiful Day 01:32 The Lion Guard Beautiful Day Join the Lion Guard for a beautiful day in the Pridelands! Clip
Bunga the Wise 01:44 The Lion Guard Bunga the Wise Bunga may be the bravest, but did you know he is also the wisest! Clip

Mickey's Melodies

Keep Moving 01:30 DJ Melodies Keep Moving Get moving with Mickey and the Clubhouse Gang! Clip

Goldie and Bear's Melodies

Just Right 01:30 DJ Melodies Just Right You're the 'just right' best friend! Clip

Miles' Melodies

Doc's Melodies

Keep It Movin 01:00 Doc McStuffins Keep It Movin Keep It Movin with Doc McStuffins and her toys! Clip
One of a Kind 01:00 Doc McStuffins One of a Kind Everyone is one of a kind in Doc's toy clinic! Clip
Doc to the Rescue 01:30 DJ Melodies Doc to the Rescue Doc will always make you feel better. Doc to the Rescue! Clip
Welcome to the Family Locked 01:30 DJ Melodies Welcome to the Family Welcome to Doc McStuffin's amazing, one of a kind family! Clip

Sheriff Callie's Melodies

Helpin\' Folks Locked 01:30 DJ Melodies Helpin' Folks This looks like a job for Sheriff Callie! Clip
Nice and Friendly Locked 01:30 DJ Melodies Nice and Friendly Turn a pesky problem into a super solution with Sheriff Callie! Clip

Sofia's Melodies

Brave Adventure 01:30 DJ Melodies Brave Adventure Be a brave adventurer just Sofia the First! Clip
The More the Merrier Locked 01:30 DJ Melodies The More the Merrier It's always the more the merrier with Sofia the First! Clip

Jake's Melodies

Together 01:30 DJ Melodies Together Together as a team, Jake and his crew can do anything! Clip