Lord of the Rink Full Episode 23:16 Sofia the First Lord of the Rink Prince Hugo is hesitant to try a new sport.
All the Sprite Moves Full Episode 23:01 Sofia the First All the Sprite Moves Princess Vivian is upset about her family's move.
The Princess Ballet Full Episode 23:01 Sofia the First The Princess Ballet Sofia and Amber invite Kari to the Royal Ballet.
Minding the Manor Full Episode 22:31 Sofia the First Minding the Manor Sofia is left in charge of Aunt Tilly’s house.

Music Videos

Improvise 01:45 Sofia the First Improvise Sofia and the Buttercups teach Amber how to improvise! Clip
I Belong 02:30 Sofia the First I Belong Sofia only wants to belong in her new world! Clip
Clover Time 00:45 Sofia the First Clover Time Get ready for some Clover time with Sofia! Clip
Bigger is Better 02:30 Sofia the First Bigger is Better Amber always believes Bigger is Better! Clip
Brave Adventure 01:30 DJ Melodies Brave Adventure Be a brave adventurer just Sofia the First! Clip